New items in 2016


Just published:

> Die Ballade der Freunde Lederbengel Tom & Handschellen Jig · Novel · 160 pages

    (The ballad of the friends Leather Freak Tom & Handcuff Jig)  
    Paperback · € 9,80 · ISBN 978-3-8423-5787-7  ·  E-Book · €  6,49 · Coming in a few days

    Some information in English ·  German  ·  French  ·  Spanish  ·  Story only in German


> German version: The complete Snakiestory video clips are available again. All of them have

    been carefully revised. The text has been updated. Among them are four readings of the Novels

    Diana and Billy. Furthermore, for the first time, the whole series of QueeAndJiggy is on my

    website. Each clip is annotated with a short summary.


> French and Spanish version: The complete collection of Snakiestory videos, concerning

   short leather pants, is to be seen again, titled in the respective language. As well a small

   selection of QueeAndJiggy with a link to the whole serial in German.


> English version: Snakiestory clips are completely back again. In German language. But

    out of the series of QueeAndJiggy there are a dozen clips edited in English. Even the

    videos of Meditative Bondage are completely available again, complemented by an

    introduction to the photo series Secret Lives.


>  ARCHIE'S ROOM · Novel · 348 pages · Paperback · € 14,95 · ISBN 978-3-7386-1402-2

    Books on Demand, Norderstedt, 2015 · E-Book · €  7,99 · ISBN 978-3-7392-5717-4

    Synopsis in English  ·  German  ·  French  ·  Spanish  ·  Story only in German