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Night work on the Rambla of Figueres





Harald V. Bergander, born 1944 in Breslau/Silesia, spent his childhood and youth in Lower Saxony and Baden-Württemberg. Completed an apprenticeship as a bookseller. Lived and worked in Hanover, Munich, Vienna, Lausanne, Madrid, from 1973 as a translator (German, Spanish, French) in Las Palmas on the Canary Islands and in Eivissa (Balearic Islands). Since 1990 resident in Salzburg (Austria) and Catalonia. Happily married to the same woman  –  without children    since 1972. Takes great pleasure in making up stories and occasionally assembling electronic devices, even if both are more or less pointless. Loves his wife, drinks red wine, is a pipe smoker, plays chess and appreciates long conversations with horses and cats.


In addition to his main job, the author has been writing novels for forty years. Despite intensive and positive contacts with publishers and agencies, none of the manuscripts have found their way onto the market.


The advent of electronic media has opened up new possibilities for print technology. The high-quality variant of the books-on-demand principle presents itself as an equivalent option to classic editing in purely commercial publishing houses.