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Leather pants


Notorious non-readers who are nevertheless interested in the content of my novels should not be left out completely. On Leather pants page 1, the author reads two text samples each from the novels Diana and Billy. The clips entitled SNAKIE – DIANA · Hommage an die kurze Lederhose on pages 2, 3, and 4 contain as well faithful text passages. All that is in German. ome following material on page 4, entitled Leather Pants of Diana, Jig and Quee (31 to 42), is entirely in English and highlights important points in both novels.



Meditative Bondage

Billy and Manuel, two protagonists of Snakiestory, nicknamed Quee and Jiggy, are not only half-brothers but also accomplices due to curious characteristics: From time to time they need it like a piece of bread to be tied up and to remain in complete passivity for a while. It took a lot of courage to show it publicly. May be they wouldn't have done it if they hadn't been close friends, thrown together by shame and scandal in the family, which happened in their youth because of the difficult post-war conditions.

Moreover, my proposal of meditative bondage is aimed at both connoisseurs and seekers who are willing to unconditionally surrender to one of many secret forces that constitute the inexplicable wonder of being human in an equally inexplicable universe.

Tied up for Meditation

Implicit bondage and related content are tolerated on many video Internet platforms at best for documentary purposes, for example in martial arts. Generally, it is filtered out as pornography for the purpose of sexual fulfilment, which, as we know, means removing a user's content completely or deleting his channel without any warning. Since the filters act 100% automatically, offensive content is removed just as automatically. Even on paid platforms that claim to be artistically liberal, human eyes are unlikely to check whether the decisions made by machines really require expulsion. So it could happen that a butt tightly covered with shiny leather becomes a naked ass as a victim of misinterpretation.


In 2015, I posted much of my undoubtedly out and out erotic material on Barney Geroellheimer's platform. Search engines were not given access there. Unfortunately, the wonderful man and highly gifted programmer passed away far too early in his middle years. With him his channel went out. After then, I courageously chose a platform that can only fire me for not showing any explicit sex. Over there you are in the company of beautiful girls and women who show unabashedly what they have and what it is for.


The only one among my albums, which has survived at Y, is Tied up for Meditation. Perhaps because it contains very short clips, between one and two and a half minutes, that cannot be clearly pinned down to indecency.




Although my material is accessible without restriction, all image and video material is protected by copyright. It may be copied for private use, but reproduction and reuse in other media are not permitted without the express permission of the author – or in a more personal word – of me.


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