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Many thanks to Barney Geroellheimer – – for hosting my video material during several years. His server stopped working.

Due to this, the clips of Meditative Bondage are presently not available.


Available remain the trailers of Meditative Bondage at the pages

Tied up for Meditation.


Notorious non-readers who nevertheless are interested in the content of my novels, should not be entirely left out. The author reads four text samples (Leather pants page 1), two of Snakie – Diana, two of Snakie – Billy. The other clips (Leather pants page 2 and 3) of Snakiestory include as well faithful text samples. The Leather Pants of Diana, Jig and Queeclips (Leather pants page 4) are retelling turning points in the novels. The clips 31 to 42 are in English language.

Billy and Manuel, two protagonists of Snakiestory, nick names Quee and Jiggy, are not only half-brothers, but, due to a curious attribute, accomplices: From time to time they need it like a piece of bread to be tied up and to pause a while in complete passivity. It takes a lot of courage that they reveal themselves publicly. Perhaps they would not have done so, if they would not have been close friends, thrown together in consequence of shame and scandal in the family, which happened years ago as part of war time. Particulars will be found again on the subpage Meditative Bondage, as soon as the hosting problem will be resolved This proposition is intended for connoisseurs who are willing to deliver themselves unconditionally to the secret powers which constitute the inexplicable wonder of being human.


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