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  Tied to tree with sneakers around the neck · Meditative Bondage 11


Trying out self-bondage, Manuel remembers the 1958 summer holydays in Germany, as if it would have been yesterday. Diana's school lessons restart at the beginning of August. As Manuel has time until the middle of September, for nearly six weeks he is thrown upon himself most time of the day. Twice a week, he goes to the Count's virgin forest...



  With tied knees you have to bear it standing up · Meditative Bondage 12


When Manuel is tied to his tree, Diana goes to her favourite place near the source. Situated two hundred meters away at the bottom of the virgin forest. She lies down on the mossy ground between huge ferns. Would be useless for the captive to call her. She only came once, when he shouted for help. "What's the matter?" "Loosen me!" She sneered at him. "Why should I loosen you? More than an hour left before going home." "I feel very unpleasant..."



Tightly tied elbows isn't it torture? · Meditative Bondage 13


After his encounter with the forester, Manuel asks Diana to tie up his elbows. In different degrees. Flabby, tightly and very tight. The elbows nearly touch one another. "The forester is right", Mani mumbles. "No way to get rid of it." Diana says: "For me, these bonds are inapt in respect of meditation. It's a sort of torture..."



Manuel's first time in handcuffs · Meditative Bondage 14


Manuel is preparing being a captive of his favourite tree. "What are you doing there?" the forester asks, who is coming along. "Umm -- nothing special", Manuel answers. "Get that off", the Count's forester says. "Come on, boy! Have a Coke in my cottage." Manuel obeys silently. The forester could forbid him to roam through the Count's virgin wood. "If you agree, I'll show you another bondage example..." 



Great God! Bondage is fine gymnastics! · Meditative Bondage 15


Tricky samples of self-bondage, studied by Manuel, 14 years old. Due to the YouTube terms of service, the actor, interpreting the boy, is sixty seven. Nearly true to the Beatles' words: "...When I'm sixty-four."



Bound Elbows · Meditative Bondage 16 


Tying the elbows and then the wrists behind the back is advanced self-bondage. Studied by Manuel, 14 years old. Assisted by his girlfriend Diana, same age. In respect of the legal protection for children and young persons, the actors, interpreting the teens, are sixty seven. Remembering the Beatles' words: "...When we're sixty four." They laugh. Good things take time...



Manuel detained · Meditative Bondage 17


"Only tied hands!" Manuel groans to himself. "Just roaming back and forth on this lovely afternoon. Or doing balance gymnastics." "That's dull!" affirms his favourite tree. "Yeah", Manuel grumbles. "But it's better than nothing, Woody." "Come on, boy! Have a tied-up sitting! We'll talk a bit about how wonderful life is." But the wonderful life is spoiled. Manuel is detained by the forester. That’s more or less bad luck. Perhaps, that afternoon he shouldn't have set foot in the Brackelstein Virgin Wood…



Cuffed or spanked · Meditative Bondage 18


Manuel is taken captive by the forester. He can choose between ten strokes on the bare buttocks with the belt or to be handcuffed to a tree for some hours...



Handcuffed to a Tree · Meditative Bondage 19


Manuel is forced by the forester to sit tied up to a tree · Legs uncomfortably crossed and tied together · Hands chained behind the trunk




Diana's Joke · Meditative Bondage 20


Handcuffed to a tree, a captured boy is safely accommodated. The Count's virgin forest is protected by a strong blackberry hedge, inside metal fenced to keep animals away. A locked gate is the only access. In such an inaccessible place a young prisoner rests in Abraham's bosom.





Video clips/Meditative Bondage/

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