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Manuel is making friends with handcuffs · Meditative Bondage 21 

Being handcuffed to a tree is a new experience for Manuel, who is accused being illegally in the patch of virgin forest, belonging to Count Brackelstein. Rubbish! Manuel is convinced that the forester tied him up at Diana’s behest. She wants to stop him from playing with himself. Well set up! Manuel can’t do nothing but waiting to be released...



 Moonlit handcuff night  ·  Meditative Bondage 22 


Di and Mani are invited to the forester's · After dinner, they hear music and play cards · At midnight, Dietmar says: "Kids, time to go to bed!" · Mani insists on spending the night outdoors · Sitting at his favourite tree · With his wrists handcuffed tightly  behind the trunk



Bound Knees · Meditative Bondage 23

In another moonlit night, Manuel was handcuffed again to a tree · Lots of mosquitoes and other pests broke his sleep · So he loses the appetite for long sessions and resorts back to Diana’s thin cotton ropes · Perfecting the combination tied hands + tied knees · In these school holidays trees seem to be his destiny · Now for a long afternoon ...



Bye-bye Tie-up summer ·  Meditative Bondage 24

In a tender togetherness, a tied-up boy is good for nothing · Says Diana · The day before Manuel leaves, Diana considers his strange behaviour · “Being tied up, my dear, is one thing. To be with a girl, another. To deal with a girl actively or passively, that could become your problem. As you know, both are exciting. But not practicable at the same time.”



Handcuff Clock 0 · Preview Clips 26 to 31 · Meditative Bondage 25 

A timer that holds the handcuff keys? That idea floats around in Manuel’s head since his first experience with handcuffs. Wonderful dream! He could sit down, handcuffed behind the back in his favourite Lotus position, legs tied up crosswise in front. He would have to wait for the key to drop from the ceiling. Or outdoors from a tree.



Handcuff Clock 1 · Extravagant Dreams  ·  Meditative Bondage 26

Manuel likes his hands tied. As a tranquillizer for his restless mind. He uses cord or thin leather thongs. Later on handcuffs. They are easier to handle, more secure and do not hurt the skin. He only attains meditative stillness, calming down his ebullient fantasy, when there is no key within reach. Escape must be impossible. But how to get out at the end of the session? Someone bringing him the key is not anytime disposable. Handcuffs with an inbuilt timer -- that is Manuel's extravagant dream! With locks, not to be unbolted externally. But that's dreams of the future. His external magnetic clock is just as functional.



The Dream Comes True · Handcuff Clock 2 · Meditative Bondage 27

In handcuffs attaining meditative calm? Why not? · A handcuff timer is put into practice · Of course, external · Its centrepiece is an electromagnetic coil · Adhering iron pieces like handcuff keys ··· After his Wyoming adventure, Manuel studies Spanish and English in Madrid · Life is more complicate than before · The boy needs the calming down sessions in handcuffs like a piece of bread



Trapped in handcuffs by remanence magnetism

  Handcuff Clock 3 · Meditative Bondage 28

Manuel is waiting for Billy. His half-brother likes to take a jiu-jitsu lesson. Meanwhile, to cheat the time, Manuel starts his special sports. A sort of afternoon walk with handcuffs, brand DEUTSCHE POLIZEI on the feet and hands on the back in Spanish STAR handcuffs.



Beastly Handcuffed and Hooded
 Handcuff Clock 4 · Meditative Bondage 29


Manuel likes meditative sessions under the handcuff clock. Hooded in his favourite Lotus position, what means, having to remain in total darkness. Diana does not care about it. But one day, after they had quarrelled, she inaudibly takes the keys away from the timer ...




Handcuff Clock 5 – Handcuff Session for the Hardboiled

Meditative Bondage 30

Concerted handcuff sessions? Sitting side by side? The boys never would have agreed to that. Meditative stillness, as Manuel and Billy conceive it, can only be achieved on one’s own. Preferably hooded in order to fade out reality.



Video clips/Meditative Bondage/

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