That requires high sensibility, full health on body and soul and patience in situations which could go to be troublesome. Sitting around passively tied up does not fit with children's yelling and dog's barking. It is reserved for the happy few, who like being corporally immobilised. No teacher or guru is needed.


Let yourself fall unconditionally -- you can become your own guru in a very empathetic way. The clips on this channel are mere fiction, based on the novels SNAKIE - DIANA and SNAKIE - BILLY. Where self-bondage appears as nothing more than the deep need for meditation. Which means pleasure.


The Youtube uploads are short trailers of the complete clips Meditative Bondage

(presently not available) on my website. Especially made for guys who are short on time.

Since 2012 with the result of 250,000 clicks.

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High spirits with meditative bondage · Channel trailer  ▼


Tied up jumping up and down  ▼


Tied up in the woods without a knife  ▼


Tied to a pine tree  ▼



An adolescent on his way to self bondage  ▼


Tied to a tree in the woods with strong cotton cord  ▼


Security model ALCYON STAR · Cuffs for small wrists  ▼


Trying out tied elbows with cotton cord  ▼


Tied to tree · Smelling shoes hanging around the neck  ▼


Without keys stuck in security cuffs on X-mas Eve ▼


Playing with handcuffs in the fields  ▼


Handcuffed behind a tree? · An inescapable position!  ▼


Bound knees · Condemned to walk slowly step by step ▼


Difficult escape from Geman Police hinged handcuffs  ▼


Tied up with strong 5mm leather thongs hands behind  ▼


Bye-bye tie-up-games! · College starts again soon  ▼


Manuel tying himself to his favourite tree  ▼


Knees tied to tree with hands behind  ▼


Tied up in Lotus position with leather thongs  ▼



How to tie the wrists with a strong leather thong  ▼


Meditative walk through the olive grove  ▼


Classical "Eight" with thin but strong leather thongs  ▼


Detained and handcuffed in the fields  ▼


Tightly tied elbows · Difficult for a self-escape  ▼


Short leather pants save Billy's balls from a loss  ▼


Diana's prank · Manuel being helplessly tied up  ▼


A night outdoors in handcuffs · Release at 06:30  ▼


Handcuff timer 1 · Release? After the key falls down! ▼


Manuel's favourite tree · Diana promised to come at 7  ▼


Attractive combination of tied elbows and wrists  ▼


Preview to SECRET LIVES · Hippie times in Ibiza's 70s  ▼