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Meditative Bondage 43 · Hooded, you see the dark side of bondage

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... as a practice to gain a joyful retreat into meditative stillness?

To calm down body and mind?


This requires high sensitivity, full health of body and soul, and patience in situations from which escape might be impossible. And sitting around passively tied up does not go well with children screaming and dogs barking. It is reserved for the lucky few who like to be physically immobile. No teacher or guru is needed. Let yourself fall unconditionally – you can become your own guru in a very empathetic way.


The clips on this channel are mere fiction, based on the novels SNAKIE - DIANA and SNAKIE - BILLY. Where self-bondage appears as nothing more than the deep need for meditation. Which means pleasure.


The following uploads to Internet channels (page1 to 4), published under the title Tied up for Meditation, are especially made for those who are short on time. They are brief trailers of the longer clips Meditative Bondage.* These last belong as well to the English version of my homepage.

* 327,448 vis. at Youtube (incl. 18,277 from deleted vids) since 2012 · Last updated January 23, 2024


Video clips/Tied up for Meditation/

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