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Handcuff Clock 6 – Everyone may clone this handcuff clock

Meditative Bondage 31

Manuel thought out the handcuff clock for meditation · Meditative stillness, being inescapably chained, is not everyone’s high road to happiness · Something for the happy few · Those who did find their individual spiritual path · The clock guarantees release from self induced confinement · When time has lapsed · When reality calls back to daily routine



Fond-du-Lac and Llama Handcuffs 1960

Meditative Bondage Clip 32

Jig got his first cuffs in 1962 from Sheriff Henderson · Who hoped they would help Jiggy · To teach his half-brother manners · Went wrong · When Quee surprised Jig going to bed handcuffed · Years later Jig bought Spanish cuffs in the Basque country · Seemed to be made to measure for Jigs small wrists



Jiggy trapped in LLAMA handcuffs · Meditative Bondage Clip 33

Jig has new handcuffs · On an excursion to the Gredos Mountains the boy tries them out · Walking handcuffed on lonely paths · Playfully he cuffs himself to a tree in the wilderness · The key is in the lock · But the tree is to thick and the cuffs are too tight · Jig's arms go numb · The key falls to the ground · A wholesome lesson



Modifying LLAMA chain handcuffs · Meditative Bondage 34

Handcuffs caused a break between Quee and Jig · Six years later reconcilement · Quee now likes Jiggy's neat Spanish LLAMA cuffs · Standard chain cuffs, easily to pick or to shim · A locksmith proposes making them very secure by a close hinge



LLAMA hinge handcuffs for Jig’s birthday · Meditative Bondage 35

Quee needs a suitable present for Jig’s birthday · School day friend Lester learned the locksmith trade · He offers a brand new pair of LLAMA handcuffs · They’ll fit like made-to-measure on Jig’s small wrists · Lester proposes to link the cuffs by a hinge · Even for Jig, it will be extremely difficult to escape



Bound elbows in the woods · Meditative Bondage 36

Manuel studies self bondage · Presently, how to tie elbows plus wrists · No problem at home to get out · Where his girlfriend watches over him · The situation is quite different in the woods · Where nobody is around · Diana’s undertakings are slippery · She may promise to come at five · He may be lucky, if she appears at seven ...



 Bound elbows on ancient case law · Meditative Bondage 37

Jiggy’s meditative practices are inseparably wedded to artistic self-bondage · Quee refers to his anthropological studies · In the Japanese Samurai period tied elbows were often completed by bound knees · Such restraints were applied to criminals · Especially when condemned to have cut off their balls



Tightly tied up with leather thongs · Meditative Bondage 38

Ibiza 1969 · Hippie time · Quee and Jiggy order leather clothing · At Cuero Mallorquín · For their inside bondage games the boys want something extravagant · Tight leather-overalls of thick cow hide · Which they wear as leather-over-nothing · Leather on the whole body produces a marvellous feeling · In the glossy black dress the young men look sexy



Tied up and handcuffed in black leather · Meditative Bondage 39

Handcuffs are in Quee and Jiggy's wrestling games an important after-the-fight-tool · To make clear who has been defeated · Tori decides to parcel Uke's body in tight black leather · Tied up with leather thongs and handcuffed · The dice make it a three hours session · Strange event · Obsessing Jig to the core at night · Nightmarish he gets stuck again in tight leather



Quality handcuffs are essential for real freaks · Meditative Bondage 40

Only quality handcuffs are worthy adversaries · For Quee and Jiggy · Handcuffs preferably should be made of stainless steel · A simple locking mechanism doesn’t matter · In their Uke-and-Tori bondage games lock-picking is forbidden · Even the attempt is punishable · According to their rules, keys or opening tools are not allowed for the restrained Uke



Video clips/Meditative Bondage/

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