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The following pages are dedicated to German short leather pants, in Germany called Kurze Lederhose. They are established as an homage to these very special leather pants, which have been an every day garment, worn by boys and girls throughout twenty years after the Second World War. They have been one of the earliest examples of unisex clothing.



Singular stuff like short leather pants, without any doubt a genuine German invention, mark turning points in the novels SNAKIE – DIANA and SNAKIE – BILLY. They contract friendships, break them or help to patch them up again. In the fifties and sixties of the last century, when urban agglomerations were not as crowded as they are today and people were widely unstressed and not distracted by so many technical items, such strange things like those leather pants sometimes took an effect comparable to witch craft. An outworn abracadabra which is replaced in modern times by handy tinkle and the blah of short messages.

The clips (page 1 to 4) offer faithful text samples in German, as the books are not yet translated in the English language, are especially related to short leather pants. Nowadays wearing this typical German garment in children and adolescents is as old-fashioned as playing the recorder. In my novels short leather pants are metonymic with another German invention: the Blue Flower, symbol of romanticism in art and literature. Where it blossoms, intense emotions like friendship, love and hate are generated.




Further video clips from QueeAndJiggy contain retold episodes of the novels SNAKIE – DIANA and SNAKIE – BILLY.  A small selection (Leather Pants of Diana, Jig and Queeclips) in English language is available on page 4. All the clips have recently been reworked. They are now complete again, 05 to 30 in German, 31 to 42 in English. They are directed to all interested friends and visitors who, for any reason whatsoever, prefer a short visual presentation instead of a long novel.


The enormous interest aroused by this subject has taken me by surprise. Up until now, on different video channels the clips received more than 300,000 clicks.


Perhaps the symbol Short Leather Pants still stands for a certain fairness, in which one could trust seventy years ago after the horrible times of World War II. I remember a remark of my Biology teacher, which seemed to me being quite audacious: “Villains won’t wear short leather pants. They hide their dark thoughts as their bare legs.”



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Video clips/Leather pants/

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