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Handcuffed and hooded on Christmas Eve · Meditative Bondage 41


Early 70s · The Snakie quartet celebrates Christmas in Ibiza · Quee doesn't want to go to Mass · Before supper he needs self-reflection · In his own way · Hands and feet cuffedQuee doesn't want to go to Mass with his friends · He likes his own way of self-reflection · Taking a nap before supper · Handcuffed and hooded in bed · Jig proposes to set the key switch clock · Quee refuses · On Christmas Eve things must be serious · So Jig takes the key along



+++ Special Christmas Edition +++

Handcuffed on Xmas Eve · Meditative Bondage 42

Something is going wrong with Jiggy's new handcuffs on Xmas Eve...



Hooded, you see the dark side of bondage · Meditative Bondage 43

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When we were youngsters, my half-brother Quee and I, Jig, we started bondage games with simple methods · Hands tied behind the back and a hood over the head · Later on, steel cuffs replaced cords on the wrists · The feet were tied criss-cross with a leather belt · These are the required ingredients for an example of inescapable bondage, accomplished in two minutes




Joy of Living and Nudity in the Eivissa (Ibiza) of the 1970s · Part 1


Meditative Bondage · Special edition 


Spain in the seventies – Hippie era · A little gallery, situated in Eivissa D'Alt Vila, Ibiza, Balearic Islands, specialized in photographic art, exhibited parts of my work · The gallery has disappeared · Its name was SECRET LIVES · Which still goes well with my collection.

~ As well on board: Claude Debussy · Golliwogg's Cake-walk ~



Video clips/Meditative Bondage/

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