Dear friends!


Over the years, I have produced several video clips that have raised the profile of my novels. Actually, they are no longer necessary. But each clip involved a lot of work. So it's only right and proper to provide the pensioners with a quiet, tranquil place. Especially, since my appreciation for the German short leather pants this way was also carried to Mediterranean climes. That should continue here to set a current accent.



Buying Railway Tickets in Cerbère


In mid-November, days are going to be short. Mediterranean seawater goes down to 18° C. Or even less. It’s time we go going. Salzburg, our main residence, is waiting for us. The railway ticket is curiously much more expensive at RENFE (Spanish railways) than at SNCF (French Railways). Today I buy it online. In former times without internet I used to buy it beyond the border in Cerbère at the ticket counter. That meant climbing up several staircases. Mostly I met a friendly lady. She took my order and asked me to return in half an hour, as she had to phone with regard to the seat reservations. In front of the station is a children’s playground. Undoubtedly I am an old man. But, in a certain manner, the German leather pants of my youth should justify a visit. Later on, after some sports, I again climbed up to the station. “Voilà, Monsieur, vos billets, s’il vous plaît! Bon voyage!"


Buying Railway Tickets in Cerbère  ·  mp4  05:06  



Cakewalk on an early spring day  ·  You'll see my vintage leather wear


A sunny day with cold air · The last snow melts away · You see my vintage leather wear, self-sewn in the seventies · The buffalo hide jacket and trousers still fit well · In forty years, the strong leather was patched several times · Especially the pants – after falls from the motorcycle · The jacket sometimes behaves like a naughty child · Then it whispers seductively “Let me be your straitjacket! I warm you up.” · "Let's better warm up traditionally. Hey – you see how a sprint warms me up?” · "Coward!" grumbles the jacket.


Cakewalk on an early spring day  ·  You'll see my vintage leather wear  ·  mp4  05:36 


 Looking for wild asparagus near Vilajuïga, Spain


This morning, Jig is not successful. There is no asparagus left. Someone must have been ahead of him. Anyway – it is a wonderful day. He thanks the gods for being in the beautiful landscape of the Alt Empordà, Catalonia, Spain.


  Looking for wild asparagus near Vilajuïga, Spain  ·  mp4  05:55  




 Some athletics including the horrible chin-up

Even with increasing age I wouldn’t like to miss some athletics. At the Mediterranean Sea daily swimming is actually enough. No matter what weather. At least as long as it doesn't get too stormy. That could quickly get you into trouble on the rocky coasts of the upper Costa Brava. All my life I've started the day with 25 push-ups. It makes you really awake and gets the body going. Long walks are optional. In hidden places, I don't have to be ashamed of my weak arms. There I occasionally try pull-ups. I always considered them horrible. In the youth, with frequent training it was going tolerably. 50 years ago I weighed 69 kg. The ideal body weight for 180 cm height and delicate bone structure. Over time, I only gained 4 kg. Let's get to work! Final attempt for today! No, no – for now I can't pull myself perfectly up! Smiling, the spirit comforts me. "A correct chin-up is not that important." How true! Let’s finish today’s exercises with a fast spurt. It goes well with my famous fast running legs.



Some athletics including the horrible chin-up  ·  mp4  04:38  



Worshipping  Flowers  and  Beauty of Nature  ·  Doing  Sports  beside


The meadows are in full bloom. It is an invitation to worship flowers and beauty of nature in the chill of early morning. After breakfast I like a longer walk through the fields, perhaps including some sports. Everything is coming up good this year. My gymnastics place is situated in a lonely spot, where I may shame myself without being seen by anyone. Even boys know the importance of the useful chin-up. Boys like to show off their muscles. I’m a loser in this regard. But let’s try it again. How long could I hang? Perhaps half a minute. All good things come in threes. Not for me. Every time it’s the same result. No real chin-up!! I should exercise every day to get stronger muscles. Well – let’s buy the newspaper to be distracted. Ha-ha! Today with reports about Chin-up guys and girls ...


Worshipping  Flowers  and  Beauty of Nature  ·  Doing  Sports  beside



Barking Dogs  ·  A fruitless discussion


I like the mountainous scenery of the Upper Empordà in the Spanish Catalonia · Every afternoon I set out for a long walk through the fields · I'm sorry to say that free-roaming dogs are not to everyone’s taste · Even more if the dogs actuate around detached houses in the landscape · For sure they are reliable guards · But you never know whether they are in a bad mood and will attack you · You better go out of their way · Some time ago I had a discussion with the owner of a country house …


Barking Dogs  ·  A fruitless discussion    



Period of Ripeness  ·  A cakewalk through the fields of the Upper Empordà


Where ever you walk through the hinterland of the Costa Brava in autumn you see Mother Nature coming along with open hands. Typical Mediterranean contributors are: carob trees (Ceratonia siliqua), sweet almond trees (Prunus dulcis), cork oaks (Querus suber), holly oaks (Quercus ilex), vine stocks, in abandoned fields virtually overgrown, where birds have already celebrated their banquet ...


Period of Ripeness  ·  A cakewalk through the fields of the Upper Empordà    



Sunny morning in Portbou  ·  With a glimpse to the headlines of La Vanguardia


 Going for a stroll and buying the newspaper on a sunny morning  ·  The sea is steady  ·  Barça and Vargas Llosa dominate the headlines  ·  Two winners with different jobs  · Moving a ball with the feet or moving words in poetry ·  Both activities are exciting  ·  But up to now, there was no Nobel Prize for a football team  ·  Around noon the wind freshens up  · To swim or not to swim is never the question  ·  We have the beach right on our doorstep  ·  It would be a sin not to go swimming  ·  No matter what the wind and weather dictate


Sunny morning in Portbou  ·  With a glimpse to the headlines of La Vanguardia



Autumn in the Catalan Pyrenees  ·  The Howl of Tramontane


 In our second home, Portbou, autumn often starts with cold north wind. The stormy phenomenon, named Mistral, has its origin in the Rhône valley. The Mistral traverses Camargue, Languedoc, and Roussillon. In the French Catalonia and beyond the Spanish border, in the Alt Empordà, it is called Tramontane. Even in its last lap through the Albera Mountains in the Alt Empordà it reaches velocities of 120 to 140 km per hour, before, farther south, Tramontane peacefully falls asleep in the Baix Empordà.


Autumn in the Catalan Pyrenees  ·  The Howl of Tramontane    



Mediterranean winter on the upper Costa Brava


The Sea of Wisdom can get quite cold in January and February. But every now and then there are days with cloudless skies and graciously warming sun. Rock niches protected by north and west winds allow sunbathing. In the hinterland of the Costa Brava you rarely have to give up a walk barefoot. A forceful confession of winter is contained in John 20:23-26, for this season between passing and becoming as a harbinger of new beginnings. I then like to pick up once again the autobiography of the French novelist André Gide, Si le grain ne meurt  [ If it die …].  The work, published a hundred years ago, is a sublime example of the abundance and richness contained in human life.


Mediterranean winter on the upper Costa Brava