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Besides work relaxing martial arts and bondage

     Ibiza 1969 · Hippie time · A hot sunny summer day

     Jig is on duty. His clientswant to buy the finca CAMPO PODRIDO. They ask a lot of silly questions. Knocking at the rotten doors. Pawing at the damp walls. What a pity! That lovely place bound to be sold!

     Twice a week, Quee and Jig come to Campo Podrido in the afternoon when daily work has been done. The young men enjoy wrestling. The classic fight between Uke and Tori*. Nobody else comes along here. No problem to fight naked. Until they are exhausted and sweaty all over the body. They take water from the well for a shower. If there is no clear winner, the die decides who will be the definite loser and has to bear a calming down session. Or is the loser the winner?

     The hood is providing total darkness which may stimulate a meditative state. Strictly forbidden are gags, hogties and any other sort of torture. Pretty much as any inappropriate touching. Since boyhood the general rule for the half-brothers Quee and Jiggy in their friendship are mutual trust and mutual respect. During the session Tori is responsible for Uke’s well-being ...

* In martial arts, Tori is called the attacker, Uke the defender. In bondage, attacker/conqueror versus acceptor/sufferer more clearly define the distinction between active and passive role.


Leather Pants of Diana, Quee and Jig 33


Psychologist in leather pants treats sexual problems · part 1

     Hippie Time · Dr. Quee Riley discusses with youngsters, mostly hippies, how they might get rid of sexual disorders · Sessions are started by telling the patients that there are as many different sexual behaviours as people in the world · So far, so good. Patients take a deep breath · They feel at ease, they are normal
    The first time with a new patient, Quee tries something between cultivated conversation and fresh small talk. To find out, which sort of guy is in front of him. Quee Riley is specialised in male sexual behaviour. His studies convinced him that in heterosexual relationships men in most cases are the greater trouble makers. The peaceful aura of the flower power generation cannot hide the fact that domestic violence is ever-present.
   In the next session, the doctor appears in black leather. Questions become more precise. Patients get confused. The doctor already seems to know everything. Alfred Kinsey? Never heard of him. Seems to be a guru for sexual misconduct. “Have some peanuts”, Dr. Riley says. “Just relax.” The guy feels weak in the faded blue jeans in front of the doctor’s aggressive leather. Next to the tough doctor is a wooden box with flashing steel items. Fuck no! Lots of handcuffs! Will they be part of the treatment ...?   

Leather Pants of Diana, Quee and Jig 34


Tie-up Games with Meditative Aspect · part 1

Ibiza 1969 · Hippie time

     Jig is on visiting tour with his clients Mr. and Mrs. Spaghettini. They want to buy the finca CAMPO PODRIDO. Would be a tragedy for Quee and Jiggy. The isolated spot is their favourite place for wrestling and other games
     Jig, beyond the blah-blah with the Spaghettinis is thinking of his half-brother. Oh yeah! The general rule in their friendship ever was mutual trust and mutual regard. So much the more in their Uke and Tori games. As long as the fight is a draw it can be stopped and declared finished for that day. But once Uke has been defeated the game goes on. Tori is now the king of the castle. He calls the shots. A loser is a loser. However, Uke has the right to decide a place. Where he will be held captive.
     Jig says: “Sir, the finca has a large basement. Do you want to see it?” Mr. Spaghettini looks at Mrs. Spaghettini. “We do that tomorrow, right? We want to see the finca in the morning sun!” "At your service, Sir!” Jig feels relieved. Not yet sold! An idea occurs to him. How to scare the Spaghettinis away from Campo Podrido ...


Leather Pants of Diana, Quee and Jig 35


Psychologist in leather pants treats sexual problems · part 2

     Ibiza 1969 · Hippie time · A perfect day for the beach

     But Quee has an appointment with a patient. Will the guy have the balls to return? Last time, Quee called him a coward. Nevertheless, the guy did pay the agreed fee. Yes – here he’s coming down the hill ...!
     “Doc, you named me a coward. I felt ashamed. I think, you were right.”

     “Forget it! A coward wouldn’t have returned.”

     “We discussed a lot in the last few days, Olga and I.”

     “Sounds good. Have you since forced her to have sex?”

     “No, no.”

     “No, no ...? Sure, you haven’t? The point is, you want it every day. Not Olga.”

     “Yeah… I need it. I can’t change my constitution.”

     “Of course, you can’t. Did you try, what I proposed?”

     “Yeah. It’s uncomfortable. I mean, lying on my arms. Olga is a heavy girl.”

     “Did she sit on your body?”

     “Horribly heavy!”

     Quee laughs, "You shouldn’t follow my proposals as strictly as you did. Did your girlfriend enjoy it?”


Leather Pants of Diana, Quee and Jig 36


Tie-up Games with Meditative Aspects · part 2  

     On a sunny morning at the appointed time the Spaghettinis return to have another look at CAMPO PODRIDO. Jig shows them the basement of the old finca where Quee and he poured buckets of water the evening before. “What’s going on here?” Mrs. Spaghettini asks. “Is it a pipe rupture?” “Must be from heavy rainfall”, Jig explains. “There is probably a tear in the wall. By the way, the finca has no pipe system.” “No pipe system? What does that mean?” “You get the water directly from the fountain.” “Does one have to carry it indoors?” “That’s it,” Jig says. “And the lavatory flush?” “You just fill it every time before using it.” “That’s archaic!” “I’m afraid it is, Sir. The whole island is archaic.” “Did the former owners live like that?” “Yes, Sir. They inherited the finca from their parents. Raised four children here. Spent their entire life in this house. The couple is buried under the big carob tree. As well the grandparents. And one of the children." The Spaghettinis lapse into silence gazing at the fruitful carob tree. After a while Mrs. Spaghettini says: “Don’t let us keep you. We have seen enough.” “At your service, Ma’am."
     Jig strolls up the path. To the place, where the Spaghettinis parked their car besides his motor bike. There, he pulls another rabbit out of his hat. Another tricky attempt to scare the unwanted people away ...


Leather Pants of Diana, Quee and Jig 37


    Tie-up Games with Meditative Aspect · part 3

      Ibiza 1969 · Hippie Time · As expected, Quee and Jig scared Mr. and Mrs. Spaghettini successfully away · Until the next potential buyer will come, CAMPO PODRIDO continues being the favourite playground for Quee’s and Jig’s wrestling exercises and exquisite games for the happy few · Their girls encourage the young men’s activities in sports fitness · Diana and Virginia understand THEIR BOY’S leather clothing as one of their common threads
     “Oh my God! Look! Three hours! That’s a harsh judgement! Uh-oh! Are you comfortable at the tree?" “Quee … I can’t stay here for three hours. I have a date at seven thirty at the office.” “Poor old chap! The rule is the rule. You’ll be released at – let me see, Jiggy … nine twenty five. We’ll have supper with Virgie and Di. In Ibiza harbour. At Juanito’s." “I know, Quee! But before, I have to go to the office. Federico is waiting for me. We have to draw up an important contract." “As you know, Jiggy, there is no appeal when the dice have spoken. You are forced to remain in the woods. All alone. Use the time! Thinking about your rubbish job. Jiggy, my dear, you don’t need to work like a slave! Dealing with horrible clients. And with your horrible boss. Follow Virginia’s and Diana’s example. They are autonomous. With their gallery. I am autonomous. Administering our money ..."


Leather Pants of Diana, Quee and Jig 38


                               Hate and love talk at Brackelstein railway station
       July – August in summer 1971 · The Ibiza island swelters in a pitiless sun · The sky offers a greyish blue every day · The Snakie-quartet leaves this scorching heat · Going on holiday to Brackelstein, Northern Germany
     Jig and Quee like the Brackelstein railway station, part of the railway line Berlin - Cologne. Most trains are express trains which do not stop anymore at Brackelstein. Quee digs into old times. Hate and love between two boys of difficult age. A weak-kneed Spaniard and a muscular American. How did they manage it?

     Jig says, "You have wonderful parents, Quee!” “Do you think, they hated me? When I was that horrible rascal in my behaviour against you?” “Reena and Pete did never hate you.” “But YOU hated me.” “That’s nonsense, Quee! You keep on talking about the same old stuff which we disputed a thousand times.” Jig’s half-brother looks still to the ground. "And don’t burst into tears, Quee! Like a little boy! Then I handcuff you for a while to the rails.”

     Quee punches Jig roughly. “Try it! I’ll laugh my ass off. I’m strong today. I’ve eaten mashed potatoes with roasted onion rings.” "Sounds better," Jig says with a sigh of relieve ...


Leather Pants of Diana, Quee and Jig 39


                                 Quee boasts of his balls and his pretty small ass
     Quee and Jig sit again at the station Brackelstein · Talking about youth and truth in Wyoming · At least nonsense · Who's balls have been bigger? · Who's balls are bigger now? · Who's ass is smaller?
     "Do you still remember, Jiggy, your first stay in Wyoming? You had to make friends with my thinnest lasso. I didf tie you up every day. After farm work was done. And do you still know, Jiggy, why I once stripped you naked –?"

     "Quee, you could have done with me without any reason whatever you wanted. It’s amazing that I’m still alive."

    "The crucial point was, I’d like to see if you were a real boy with real balls."

    "Very funny, ha, ha! I had bigger balls than you.” “Because I was younger, Jiggy. Things change. I am still younger. But my eggs are now king-sized. Yours, Jiggy, are only medium."

     "Boo! Diana loves to play with my balls. She calls them her handsome friends. Virginia calls you a typical blowhard. In the moment of truth your balls do shrink from almond size to the size of unknown berries. But your broad ass is a fair compensation."

     "Say that again!"

     "Twice as wide as mine," Jig jokes. Quee has a pretty small ass. Not only girls compare his shapely buttocks and his figure with Michelangelo’s David.

     "Ha – I'll give you what for! You need a spanking! Right now!"

     "All I need is love." Jig answers. “I agree to a match. "Then you might get something on your ass ..."


Leather Pants of Diana, Quee and Jig 40


Adults wearing leather shorts need an amusement license · part 1

     Quee wants to perfect his bike riding style. It is easy for the brilliant mathematician to calculate theoretically how to keep a bike going. To be in accordance with the mathematical abstraction the body has to carry out alternating pendulum movements. Quee experiences difficulties to put it into practice. He has serious problems with the sense of balance. If, for example, he is hooded and cannot see anything, he better calls Jiggy to tie him to a chair. Or he will slump down like a sack of potatoes.
     During the first excursion through the Brackelstein hills Quee and Jig are stopped by a police officer.

     “License, please!” The young men are prepared to carry it along. In Brackelstein bike riding requires a license like going by car. "And your pants license, please!”

     “Sir –? What –?” “Your short leather pants license!”

     Quee and Jig’s eyes meet. "… ??? …" Quee says: "What the heck do you mean?"

     "Short leather pants of adults are subject to an amusement tax in our county. Fifty German marks per year. You can also pay in dollars ..." 


Leather Pants of Diana, Quee and Jig 41

                                    Adults wearing leather shorts need license · part 2
     The officer enlightens the matter. “Count Brackelstein decreed the shorts tax as a warning to abasement of morality. Adults should not show bare legs."

     “What’s about your own dress, Sir? Very tight black leather pants and an idiotic red glove! As an officer, you don’t give a lead within the walls and out of Brackelstein.”

     “Watch your mouth, boy! Offering resistance, you may be handcuffed.” The officer is grinning from ear to ear.

     Jig says, “I know you! Fifianus Viehfeger, right? The driving test! You gave my brother INADEQUATE. Although he was doing it excellently.

     Quee says, “Now I remember you as well! Sir, WE are not afraid of being handcuffed. But perhaps YOU, Sir ...?”


Leather Pants of Diana, Quee and Jig 42



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