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Quee and Jig went through a tough youth    

     Adolescence leads Quee and Jig, who have fallen out, into a tough school. The army lurks at the high school gate. During basic military training, Quee suffers a collapse. The army discharges him because of lung damage.

     Jig shirks military service and becomes a deserter. The next time he enters the States, he is arrested. Virginia manages to get Jig's military service waived. If he takes part in a sensitive six months special programme. Three months of which mostly in chains. What's left for Jig? He signs...!

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 May Jig have become an Iberian asshole?

     Quee wants to reconcile, after all. But only if Jig hasn't actually become the asshole he's been calling him for years by now. After a suggestion from Diana, he shall kidnap Jig and test what is left of his friendship. With an escape challenge in front of spectators. In a public square in Corpus Christi, Texas. Will Jiggy swallow the embarrassment?    

     During the abduction on the beach, Jig is only fleetingly blindfolded. It allows him to recognize Quee's old, unique leather pants. In the van, he is then tightly bound and hooded. After the ride, he is carried a short distance and then set down. He can't get up and can't even see a glimmer of light in the hood. He has no choice but to wait. What else does his kidnapper have planned for him?


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Me at a FDJ holiday camp in the 1960s    

Snakiestory's author reveals a personal experience here – captivated in GDR · As far as short leather trousers are concerned, smooth, shiny leather meant a special class in the 50s and 60s · Something for the well-off · The MERCEDES among leather shorts
     Remembering my playmates, I can only find one each in black and green glossy leather. But there was a third: a cousin in the GDR. When we were all expelled from Silesia by the Russians, his family had not made it far enough to the West, and the Iron Curtain rattled down. In the early sixties I visited them in GDR, a middle-class-family like us in FRG.
     My father had warned me, "There are many things missing over there. Don't make fun of it and act modestly." Of course, they didn't have a car and there were only a few on the roads. For my father in FRG, his motorcycle had also only been affordable because he worked as an engineer at NSU. Their rented apartment was furnished similarly to ours, my aunt, uncle, girl cousin were inconspicuous, but actually dressed more dignified than us in the West. But my cousin, in his shiny black leather pants* with green trim like Germanic oak leaves, blew the frame! Instantly, I was pale with envy.
     My father had also warned me, "The Russians want to handcuff the whole nation. Make sure you don't get handcuffed." Well, being tied up happened in a different way, as we shall see ...
     * My cousin gave me his trousers presented here 45 years later for my small collection.


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By boat & train from Ibiza to Brackelstein    

Summer 1969 · Hippie time · Eivissa · Diana suggests to swap hot Eivissa for her cooler homeland in Brackelstein · The girl travels ahead, she wants to tune in her parents · That her wild cohabitation with Jig was as valid as one sanctioned by the church · She also dreams about all the things she will pull off with her big boys · Forests and meadows sing in her soul · The three of them will have a lot of fun
     Quee and Jig take the boat to Barcelona. There they board the luxury train Catalán Talgo to Genève. In Basel, Quee reads the Bible, served together with breakfast. In Offenbach, he wants to see girls, while Jig wants to go on immediately.

     Quee leads him to the meadows near the Main. There he handcuffs his half-brother. "Listen! Diana won't run away from you. We'll get to her in time this evening. For the moment, I'm going to buy new leather shorts. You stay here. Better do not attract attention! Otherwise the police might turn up and ask stupid questions." Jig curses inaudibly, "Asshole!" But handcuffed, one better obeys. And the German police officers, after he tells them long and hard what's going on, would not have keys for the Spanish handcuffs ...


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Leather pants bought at Offenbach on Main

     The Offenbach dealer has many short leather trousers in stock · Quee selects two, waist size 30, German measure 76 cm, glossy black for self, DM 68; glossy green for Jig, DM 72 · Jig grumbles that such tight leather trousers are for little boys · "We'll buy two more for big boys," Quee counters · Now Quee takes a green one of thick soft leather with zips in gold instead of aggressive steel shine · Only a few coins fit in the side compartment · There is a secret pocket inside · For kif and for handcuff keys · You should always carry handcuffs with you · It is a versatile weapon · Jiggy can be overwhelmed easily with handcuffs · Quee himself, of course, just as much
     The leather smells brand new. Quee wants to fly home in these trousers soon. Ibiza - Madrid - New York - Denver - Cheyenne. With a detour to his parents in New Braunfels. There is supposed to be a Bavarian traditional costume club. Where people wear leather trousers. Dad had to get used to his and Jiggy's leather shorts. Until he had militarily tersely admitted: "You both look cool with it!" Reena, his mom, always liked him in tight shorts. She found it sexy.

     He was hired by TCC as a model in his first year of college. And had turned up for the job interview in Jiggy's grey greasy leather shorts. The body hunters had literally glued their eyes to his athletic figure ...

 Leather Pants of Diana, Quee and Jig 15


Diana prefers tough guys in leather shorts

     The green-yellow-grey leather pants for big boys from the leather goods store in Offenbach have taken Jiggy's fancy. It quickly wears shiny and will become his favourite pants. What a pleasure to stretch out with it on Diana's divan! The manufacturer's label has not been cut out of these pants. Jig notes that Osterwieck is in the Russian-occupied part of Germany. At a mountain range called Harz. It is said that you can still meet real witches there. As in the past, they travel through the air on brooms. "Parbleu!" exclaims the spa director. "Another short leg dress with political flavour. From the class enemy. For you completely apolitical brats, of all people!"
     In the following days they explore the area. There is not much to see in the state bath. Great spirits had once acted in the residential town five kilometres away. Voltaire, Johann Gottfried Herder, also a local poet by the name of Hermann Löns. Diana shows the boys the possessions of the Counts of Brackelstein.

     Quee has little use for old walls. In the lovely landscape he spins self-absorbed in his leather shorts. The sightseeing includes the new swimming pool. Diana can't understand why Quee can't swim. The American crouches at the edge of the pool. Water is not his element. Quee says, "In the US army, everyone has to know how to swim. You will be thrown into the water hogtied. If you refuse to learn it ...”


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   Diana conceives herself as custodian of the grove

     Quee and Jiggy are guests at Diana's parents' house · She lets her mind wander back · In 1956, as a twelve-year-old, she had not yet started anything with boys · But she has seen short leather pants come and go · Foreign as well as her own · In her studies she will write a seminar paper about short leather pants · In the morning light of young girl bloom, she only gets involved with guys who like leather pants · Guys without guts in linen shorts don't stand a chance with her
     In the primeval forest of Count von Brackelstein, nature plays first fiddle. No tree is cut down, no shrub is topped. The count's forester allows Diana to oversee the three acres of virgin forest. Inspired by the era of Greek Classicism, Diana imagines her task: She is Custodian of the Grove. Which she will keep pure from intruders. The forester's shepherd dog helps her. Actually, his name is Astor. She calls him Meleager. Diana and Meleager – as in classical antiquity.

     With bow and arrow she writes headlines in the local press at the age of twelve. She ties a peer to a tree. An impudent boy who does not care about the count's prohibition signs. Diana opens the fly of her prisoner. What crazy idea does the Amazon want to put into practice ...?


Leather Pants of Diana, Quee and Jig 17


Quee's and Jig's approach to meditation

     Hitting on girls is Quee's favourite thing to do. Since it's forbidden in the spa director's villa, he lays the girls in the spa park. But the second Belle de Jour is already disturbed by the violent procedure. She threatens to report the American to the police. Jig knows her from the past. From an early age, she was at the will of boys for money. A few green banknotes stuff her mouth.

     "You're out of your mind!" says Jig. "As guests of the spa director, we have a duty to his reputation." To blow off steam, the two wrestle. The age-old game between Tori and Uke. When Jig has a firm grip on his brother, Quee becomes calm and tame as if by magic. Quee's hyperactivity is drying up. Like in former times at the Ponderosa. When Jiggy took the lasso and tied him up for an hour. After that Quee had felt like new.
     The half-brothers at the age of rascals invent a way of meditation that is helpful for them. It helps Quee to restrain exuberant physical forces. Jig can use it to stand up to the fluttering restlessness of his mind. As the half-brothers grow older, they examine in themselves the effect of bondage on intellect and body.

     Quee completes the study of psychology with a diploma thesis. Later he followed up with a doctoral thesis: About gentle methods for blocking hyperactive physical motor activity with special inclusion of sedative techniques of ancient peoples · By Quee Riley ·


 Leather Pants of Diana, Quee and Jig 18


Handcuffed to a pine tree in Brackelstein

     The primeval forest of Count von Brackelstein has long been fenced off. Behind the fence, an impenetrable blackberry hedge wards off the curious. The only access is through a gate. The count's forester provides the boys with a key. Beyond the Sleeping-Beauty-hedge lies Diana's beloved jungle, a piece of untouched nature. It's a sure spot to leave a prisoner alone.

     Nothing bad can happen to him. It is in Brackelstein the ideal place for Quee and Jiggy in their Uke-and-Tori martial arts games, as they have it in Eivissa in the old finca Campo Podrido or in Laramie County, Wyoming, in the forest above the Dawson Creek ...


Leather Pants of Diana, Quee and Jig 19


A smooth martial arts Uke-and-Tori-match

     As soon as Quee and Jiggy are free of their duties, they take on the roles of Uke and Tori and allow themselves the luxury of a solid martial arts match. Once the inferior Uke has surrendered, Tori usually handcuffs him to a tree and goes his way. Tori is only obliged, according to the agreed rules of the game, to release Uke at the appointed time. Neither earlier nor later. The forced self-absorption strengthens Uke's inner calm and makes him fit for the gruelling daily routine in his job ...


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Did Goethe own leather knee breeches?

Summer 1969 · Diana, Manuel and Billy stay a few more days in the Principality of Brackelstein · In Diana's edition of Goethe, Billy sees the poet in half-length trousers. "Cool!" he exclaims. "I'd like one of those. In leather, of course." Diana remembers the British boys at Salem boarding school. They had worn such breeches. Possibly also in leather. In any case, although they had been just as well-behaved as Manuel and Billy and often just as childish as their big boys. Little adventurers like Tristram Shandy, anyway, and always out to throw each other in the mud ...


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