Snakie Book 1 - Diana


Books on Demand, Norderstedt, 2009  · 476 pages  ·  Paperback € 33,80


ISBN 978-3-8391-1879-5




Development novel of a Spanish boy from Salamanca who grows up in the fifties without a father. Manuel, doubting himself like the entire Spanish society, being completely mixed up after the disastrous Civil War, has sex at an early age. His spiritual character, curious traits and low physical strength cast him in the role of an outsider. Nevertheless, in his wanderings through France, Germany and the United States he succeeds making his way in a courageous self-expression. For the troublesome attempts to emancipate himself from the constraints imposed by the dictatorial system of his native country, he will be compensated with a reliable insight into himself.


A fascinating story from a time when transition to adulthood in large part took place in natural surroundings. The comrades were, depending on the luck of the day, friends or enemies, or all at once. Electronic games for couch potatoes did not exist, nor mobile phones.



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Available only in German