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Spring time in Ibiza


"Ready for meditation?" · "Handcuffed to the tree?" · "Sure. Otherwise you would go back to your work.

                             Tied to the almond you're forced to relax. Enjoy the nice spring day!"


"I’ll enjoy the motorbike ride so much more without you." · "Really? I doubt it."


Il faut des esclaves aux hommes libres ¹)


  "See you later. Enjoy yourself!"          "What a pity! Harry Houdini didn’t wear leather pants." 3)


  Enjoying Paul Michael Glaser as Harry Houdini ³) · "Enough Houdini! Time for our own games."

               Le feu de la passion à côté de Santiago Rusiñol ²) · "I prefer Celtas rather than Gitanes."


                                       "Hands up! You are detained!" · "Ha, not yet!"


Black skin and white skin


"You may not treat me that way." · "Sorry! No breakfast for the loser".


 ▲ "I'm afraid that these guys are up to no good."

                                                                                "They took my pants off. And there's more to come..."


"After breakfast a fight." · "I don't want to fight."

· "You are ought to." · "Yeah. My way. Passively."

                                                                                                             "Why the hell are you ordering ropes?"

                                                                        · "Because I know today's result. Whether fighting or not."


                        "Come on! Don't throw your weight around! I overwhelm you in a jiffy."


"You ordered ropes as your own hangman. Now it’s useless to struggle against them."


                                                                    Virginia’s bathroom

 ▲ "You need fresh air, my dear! We'll walk

       up the hill."  · "Go alone!"                                                                "Convinced? We'll go together!"



"My half-brother is annoying. This way the problem is solved for some time."


"Don’t be afraid that I have won today’s match." · "I'm not afraid at all. But bloody hell – where did you buy these handcuffs? They cut into the wrists like a blunt knife! I'm not a sausage!"


Quee and Jiggy behind a landlord's abandoned farmstead in Ibiza's pastoral inlands 


                                                                        In the hollow-way

▲ "Being Uke, you are not allowed to wear black leather."

                                                                                    "Your discipline, Quee, leaves a lot to be desired."


No trespassing

"Stay away, boy!"




¹) Régis Debray, Il faut des esclaves aux hommes libres. Essay. Le Monde Diplomatique, October 1978

²) Advertisement text for Seita cigarettes (Gitanes) in the seventies

3) Paul Michael Glaser starring Harry Houdini in “The Great Houdini”, TV-Film, 1976






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