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▲ "Are you ready for the lesson in captivity? With a special permit for Uke, wearing leather today."

                  "Tightly tied arms with strong thongs and handcuffed – Jiggy, you are a nice package!"


"Hey! Your new trousers! Seem to be             A shower after the match · "Prudish today, Quee?"

    from strong leather," · "It's horsehide."


Catcher in the meadow · "You may run to the end of the earth – I get you anyway." 


No trespassing

"You'll get in trouble – believe me!" · "Rubbish! Wait...! The laces are loose."


                                                                                    No trespassing

  "Last warning, boy! Walk away!"                                                   "There you are! Forward march!"


"Son of a gun! You are weak! That was an easy capture." · "Please release me! Let me go!" ·

 "Knee down and beg my pardon" · "Are you mad? Never!"


"Let’s discuss your problem again!" · "Yesterday, Quee, you forced me to strip naked."


   "At our pebble beach, we are often naked." · "Yeah. And I'm the one

     who always is tied up." · "No, no! Not always. It's about fifty-fifty, Jig."


                                         Peaceful afternoon under the Mediterranean sun

               ▲ "Don't you remember, Jig? The other day I was handcuffed between the rocks.

                                       The key was lost. You went home for another one."


  "I had to wait more than an hour. Fortunately, nobody was around. At least,

I was able to bring the arms in front." · "Phew! Shit happens. Take it easy."


"I ever take it easy. And much more. For example your constant look What-shall-I-do-with-you?"

              "Anyway... Deep in the woods I prefer instead of cuffs cord or thongs. They need no key."


"Often your proposals start inoffensively. Last week: Fig tree leaves classically placed."


"It ended disgracefully. Me kneeling before you!" · Laughing. "Who did release you?" · "Myself.

But only the feet. After a hard struggle. The hands were too tightly tied. No chance!

At least I managed to sit down in a comfortable position. Waiting for the girls."  ·

                    "Next time, I tie hands and feet together. That will be nicely uncomfortable ...

"You refuse to kneel? Okay! We get tough!"                                               "Let's go! Get a move on!                       

"Honorable visitors – he needs respite! After an hour in the damp cellar he'll kneel down. Sure!"


  ▲"One word more – and you will see what happens." · "I have more ideas to make you brave."


"Please accept my apologies, Tori." · "Accepted, Uke. We continue the game at home."


                                                                         Just waiting for supper

"We'll dine out with the girls. They want to see you dressed in leather."                            

                                          "But not handcuffed, brother!!" · "Ah, sorry...! You're going to stay at home."





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