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Allegory to Bagoas, the Persian boy 4) · Ancient and Modern Times


 ▲ "What are you waiting for? Hands behind the trunk! Be quick about it!"

                                                                                     "Have a last look around, before you are hooded."


 ▲ Allegory to Bagoas, the Persian boy 4) · "Do you        "Chained? Perhaps. But he certainly was in

  think, Bagoas was often chained on hands and feet?"  safe keeping. As you are in good hands."


The breakfast table · "Any plans for the day?" · "As so far, diffuse ones. Let me finish the news."


 ▲ "Your invitations are still the same kind of our boyhood."

                                                                             "And it still ends the same way. Tied up in the garden."


 A chess game Instead of a judo match · "You're losing again, Jig." · "Well, my sad destiny, Quee.

      Would have been the same result in a judo fight. Submission! In any case today."                     


▲ "Top of the hill the Carthaginians sacrificed

  children to their gods."· "You're not a child, Jig."               "Sorry, brother! I didn't realise that Virginia

                                                                                                                                  has taken away the key."


            "I think, Harry Houdini wasn’t the guy to wear leather pants. And in relation to handcuffs?

                                                    Sometimes he looks very funny being chained up." 3)                                                                              


"Would you be so kind to tie me up?" ·             "Is it okay?" · "Absolutely." · "May I offer you a rough

 "Same procedure as yesterday?" · "Yeah."                bath?" · "No. I like to meditate, Quee."             


 ▲ The terrace of important decisions · "I'm in favour of a daily match. As you are in poor shape."

                                 Tori dominating Uke · "You'll walk up to our motor bike naked and handcuffed."


"Mauli-Cat says that your leather over-nothing is of the same kind as his coat."


  ▲ "Aren't we really slim guys?" · "I'm afraid we are.               "Curious...! Handcuffed you are not

                 Easily being overpowered by anyone."                           as slim as you appear."


Waiting for someone like Godot?


▲ Reliable Smith & Wesson Handcuffs · "A further     "Are you mad, Jig? Cuffing me to this almond  adventure is planned for the evening. After supper."    whole night?" · "Sorry. No choice, Quee. All the

                                                                                                 more, as the girls gave their blessing to it."                                                                                 


"Hey, brother! Please, come back! Do with me whatever you want – but don’t be in a huff!"


▲ "May the boys fight as long as                    "Look at my crazy brother! Sailing on a fig tree trunk!"

   they want – I take a long bath."



3) Paul Michael Glaser starring Harry Houdini in “The Great Houdini”, TV-Film, 1976

4) Mary Renault, The Persian Boy. Novel. Longman, London, 1972






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