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▲ "Your Zorro mask is ridiculous." · "Do you refer to the swashbuckler film of the Mexican revolution
 against the Spaniards?" · "Yes. Zorro fought against them. There is a strong historical background.

Which is your wimpy background?"


"Have you read Albert Camus?" · "Only the novels." · "I lecture on it.5) Make yourself comfortable.

                                                                                                     You are tied up for being more attentive."


  ▲ "The lecture is finished. I hope you've learned something. To give it a serious consideration, you may choose one of our standard positions. Until supper. There isn't so much choice. Let's try out."

"Tomorrow I’ll pay you back with your own coin."


Just waiting for supper · "Drink coffee cold, Quee, and never look old." 


 ▲ "Yeah. Four hours are okay. You         "You can still move the hands. I'll chain them to the ankles.

      are the first to try it out."                            And you still see too much. You need our new hood."             


In ancient times people were buried under carob trees

"You want to be buried in handcuffs? Brother, there is so much time left!" · "Who knows..."


                                       "Do you want to swim in leather clothing?"


 ▲ "Let's take off our pants! We need a fresh bath.        "Right! You're not comfortably lying down.

      Who bothers about handcuffs?"                                 But properly positioned for being spanked."


   The fields above the beach of Salt d'en Serra, Ibiza, in the seventies 


                                              "I won the game – so what?"


"Virginia suggests, handcuffed we are prisoners of our eroticism."                 At the doorsill of

    · "Diana does not psychologize. She says, in handcuffs we radiate                 Silencio Noble    

    a special sex appeal." · "Good God! The girls say things like that..."                  


   "Do you know today's password?"


▲ "There is your password!"                                       "Follow me! Your treatment isn't yet complete."


           Ibiza, Balearic Islands · The spirit of hippie times in the seventies · Characterized by love and peace

 ▲ Salt d'en Serra pebble beach                                           Abandoned meadows near Roca Llisa


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5) Albert Camus, L’homme révolté. Essay. Gallimard, Paris, 1951






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