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   Waiting for the girls

"Let's change the T-shirts! Then we bridge the time gap with an Uke-and-Tori-game." · "Okay."            "Quick work, wasn't it?" · "Indeed! Go to hell!" · "Hey! Don't insult me!! I'll lock you in the cellar."


"No, no, you can't break granny's washing line. Additionally, you'll be handcuffed."


 "You're a silly sun worshipper!" · "That's the limit! Look who is talking!" ▲


▲ "Good evening, Sir." · "Hey...! Stay here!" · "Sorry. I'm in a hurry."

                                                                                                                          "Damned! What's going on?"


        ▲ "Why compare again? I know                             "Weren't there similar situations

                how you are constituted."                                         when we were boys?"


    "A never ending story. You lose a fight, but you don't want to face the consequences." ▲


"I'm afraid the key is in our motor bike box." · "And now what?" · "I promise to be back soon." ▲


  "I like you tied up this way. With crossed legs you can't stand up. Your favourite position, isn't it?

        I'll be back at sunset." · "Fuck! That's too long!" · "Rubbish! Not for you."


    Just waiting for supper and busy with changing clothes and cuffs


 ▲ "Convenient moment to present my new pants..."   

                                                                                             "Nice pants, Jig. Incredible that you have sewn

                                       them on granny's old Singer. By the way... I think about something special for

                                      tonight. It requires your agreement." · "Whatever you are planning – I agree."


  ▲ "Another option for what a sewing machine is ideal, Jig." · "If granny would have seen, what you

      do with her old Singer...!" · "She would have applauded. You were anything. But not her darling."


▲ "Last month you remembered the Indian leather hood        "Thanks a lot, Quee! Nice feeling!"

         of our boy games." · "Yeah. It went missing." ·                 · "With the hood on and cuffed behind

        "I ordered a similar one at Cuero Mallorquín..."                 the back means being quite helpless."


         ▲ "Phew! I'm totally disoriented!" · "Hey! Try it with hands behind..." · "Oh no! Better not."


      ▲ "What do the girls propose for dinner?" · "San Carlos. Anita's bar. They want pollo payés."    

                                                      · "Ah – these enormous chickens..." 


"Oh dear! Where would we be without women?" 


 ▲ "It ever starts peacefully, But..."                               "...Soon one is handcuffed."


    ▲ "I dreamed that we were both here. In the moonlight. The girls had the key.      

             They came late in the morning. Just before lunch."


▲ "Reality is different. A lonesome afternoon for you. I go home. Nobody around. I hope our girls

    remember that they have to pick up you here on the way to San Carlos."





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