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The (almost) complete collection with the original titles

during the 1978 exposition in Eivissa d'Alt Vila


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The six pages, arranged in 2012, have recently been updated and completed


Enjoying Paul Michael Glaser as Harry Houdini 3

"Funny! In appearance, Glaser is very different from Houdini."


                                                                         Le feu de la passion ²)


      ▲ "Do you know Régis Debray, Jig? He calls his                          No breakfast for the loser

       essay Il faut des esclaves aux hommes libres." ¹)           "Please Sir – may I have at least a cup of tea?"


"Sure that the black cat likes black leather?"


A chess game instead of a judo match · "You're losing, Jig." · "Rough luck, Quee."


                              ▲ Before the match                                                                  After the match


      Allegory to Bagoas, the Persian boy  4)                          

   "Seems that he was kidnapped..."                          "... and later on used for somebody's own purposes."


  Walking up the hill · "First we meet the girls. Afterwards a game."

                                                             "The girls have gone. Nobody around. Just you and me."


The little fig tree above Salt d’en Serra · "Hey! Dreaming? I lead you back to reality!"


              The big fig tree above Salt d’en Serra                                        In the hollow-way

                 "Don't you see it? This tree is unique."                                                "You may still escape."


"Hey...! We didn't agree that!"


The sound of the waves · "What are you looking for?" · "Where are the handcuffs?" · "We don't need them."


▲ Modern allegory to Bagoas, the Persian boy 4) · "What                                    Half-brothers in leather

   shall I do with the drunken sailor, what shall I do..."


Il faut des esclaves aux hommes libres ¹)

"Hey! Not yet read Régis Debray?"


An isolated spot at Salt d’en Serra pebble beach-1 · "Yee-haw!"

                  Salt d’en Serra pebble beach-2 · "Not a classical arresting position. But a secure one."


"Everyone can see us at the window." · "We want to be seen."                      

                                   "You may feel better redressed with my shirt. But you are still my captive."


                                        ▲ Silencio Noble · Our sweet home in Ibiza



¹) Régis Debray, Il faut des esclaves aux hommes libres. Essay. Le Monde Diplomatique, October 1978

²) Advertisement text for Seita cigarettes (Gitanes) in the seventies

3) Paul Michael Glaser playing Harry Houdini in “The Great Houdini”, TV-Film, 1976

4) Mary Renault, The Persian Boy. Novel. Longman, London, 1972



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