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Le feu de la passion-4 ²)

Allegory to Bagoas, the Persian boy-4 4)

Allegory to Bagoas, the Persian boy-6 4)

Catcher in the meadow-1

Let’s discuss your problem again!

Fig tree leaves classically placed

No trespassing-3 ▲

What shall I do with you?

Tied up in the woods-1

Should I sit here the whole afternoon?

In ancient times people were buried under carob trees-5

Uke at Tori’s guard-3

Just waiting for supper-4

Have a last look around, before you’ll be hooded-2

Do you want to swim in your leather pants?

One word more and you will know what happens-3

A loser doesn’t have any choice, my dear!

You look nice if I may say so



²) Advertisement text for Seita cigarettes (Gitanes) in the seventies

4) Mary Renault, The Persian Boy. Novel. Longman, London, 1972



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