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Allegory to Bagoas, the Persian boy- 8 4)

What are you waiting for? Put the hands behind the trunk!

A shower after the match-6

Naked or in leather – we are sexy. And we know it.

Naked or in leather – we are sexy and we know it

The breakfast table

A chess game Instead of a judo match-2

The sound of the waves under the Mediterranean sun

Catcher in the meadow-2

What a pity – Harry Houdini didn’t wear leather pants-1

Just waiting for supper 6

The terrace of important decisions-3

Sound of the waves-8

My leather over-nothing is of the same kind as the cat’s coat

Tori dominating Uke-4

Waiting for someone like Godot-1

My leather over-nothing is my second skin. You’re not allowed to touch it!

Look at my crazy brother sailing on a fig tree trunk!-1

Hey, brother! Please, come back! Do with me what ever you want – but don’t be in a huff!



4) Mary Renault, The Persian Boy. Novel. Longman, London, 1972



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