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The sound of the waves 5

No, no! You can’t escape. Additionally, you’ll be handcuffed.

Inside and outdoors-1

Half-brothers in leather-3

In ancient times people were buried under carob trees-6

At the top of the hill the Carthaginians sacrificed children to their gods-4

Come on, boy! Get the leather lasso and tie me to my favourite fig tree

Waiting for someone like Godot-3

Just waiting for supper-9

Allegory to Bagoas, the Persian boy 16 4)

I would like to wear his leather pants

Peaceful afternoon in handcuffs

Naked or in his leather over-nothing – my brother looks very sexy

You’ll have a lonesome afternoon, won’t you?

Albert Camus – L’homme révolté-1 5)

Il faut des esclaves aux hommes libres 3 ¹)

Bound to a fig tree 4


Snapshot after the match

Albert Camus – L’homme révolté-4 5)

Hippie time-1



¹) Régis Debray, Il faux des esclaves aux hommes libres. Essay. Le Monde Diplomatique, October 1978

4) Mary Renault, The Persian Boy. Novel. Longman, London, 1972

5) Albert Camus, L’homme révolté. Essay. Gallimard, Paris, 1951



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