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Albert Camus – L’homme révolté-3 5)

Tomorrow I’ll pay you back with your own coin

In the hollow-way-3

Waiting for the girls-4

Waiting for someone like Godot-2

Tightly tied arms and handcuffed – nice package!-2

Let’s take off our pants! We’ll try to swim. Who would bother about handcuffs?

Enjoying Paul Michael Glaser as Harry Houdini-2 in black and white 3)

Naked or in leather – we are sexy. And we know it.-6

I think, I should cuff you with the hands behind the back .

You are not comfortably laying down, but correctly positioned to be spanked.

Black or grey short leather pants – it’s the same feeling at the skin

Sorry – I need your trousers. And I will get them.

Sit down beneath your tree and take it easy – there’s nobody around

I’ll tie your knees to the tree – in that position it’s impossible to sit down

Challenge in the afternoon



3) Paul Michael Glaser playing Harry Houdini in “The Great Houdini”, 1976

4) Mary Renault, The Persian Boy. Novel. Longman, London, 1972

5) Albert Camus, L’homme révolté. Essay. Gallimard, Paris, 1951



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